Published on August 13, 2004 By Lenbert In Misc
It has been one of those times in my life where everything has "come to a head". I have not had the opportunity to post any of my misguided thoughts lately.

I have been drawn and quartered at work, and of course there is the obligatory domestic chores to be done once I get home.

Who was it, Ben Franklin who said (paraphrasing) "Nothing is certain except death and taxes"?

Apparently ol' Ben-o-rama never had to deal with dishes, cleaning, laundry or yard work. These things are defintiely certainties that I have to deal with.

My room mate just left to rent some DVD's.

I give myself 30 minutes into the first DVD before I'm incoherent, and the goo is dripping from my mouth onto the pillow.


on Aug 16, 2004
OK, what's with you and goo?

In a post from 6-Aug, it's dripping from your ears.

Now it dripping from your mouth.

You gotta look in to some kind of sealant or something. Has there been a big change in atmospheric pressure in Richmond? That could cause you to spring some leaks, I guess.

on Aug 16, 2004
To Greenie: Nice! And Oof!

I am fortunate in that I have close friends who can put up with all of my goo.

"Goo" I define as any bodily secretion, whether it's saliva dripping from my mouth, or gray matter dripping from my ears.

"Saliva" would have worked better there. I had considered "mucous membrane", but that implies something projectile, which wasn't the effect I was looking for. So, I chose "Goo".

Maybe I need caulk. Or some Clive Barker-ish "Depends" for every orifice that is above my neck. Hey...there's a patent idea! lol

Greenie, that was good. I laughed my buttski off when I read it! And yeah, there was probably some goo involved.