Published on August 13, 2004 By Lenbert In Misc
Last year, August 18, 2003, Hurricane Isabel made land fall around Nags Head, North Carolina. Without attempting to look up this information right now, I recall that is was a Cat. 3 or a Cat.4 by the time it made landfall at Cape Hatteras, NC. The center of the storm tracked right over, or slightly to the west of Richmond. The damage that Isabel brought to central Virginia, and out lying areas, was extreme. Prior to Isabel, central Virginia had experienced months of "above average" rain, after several years of drought.

Personally, I had approximately $1500 damage. There was no damage to the structure of the house, or vehicles. However, I had a 36" (diameter) oak from the neighbor's yard fall into my backyard, and I had a 18" (diameter) maple fall across my driveway, preventing my ingress or egress into the property. Insurance would cover none of this, as the trees were from the adjoining properties, and as there was no structural damage to the house. The neighbors insurance would cover the tree removal UP TO their property line. The shit on my property, I had to take care of myself. On top of that, since I was without power for 10 DAYS, I lost about $300 in the refrigerator as well.

Now, there is Hurricane "Charley".

"The eye of "Charley made landfall around the Fort Meyers, Florida area this afternoon. The NWS track for this storm predicts it to cut across Florida and make it's way into the Atlantic ocean. It will certainly lose strength on it's track across Florida, but it is expected to reach the warm waters of the Atlantic after cutting across Florida, and regaining strength.

The latest track puts this storm making landfall a second time around Nags Head, NC.


Latest "models" predicts this storm will be far east of Richmond. We are expected to see a lot of rain (on soil that is already saturated), with wind gusts of 25MPH. But I am still wary....and suffering from anxiety.


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