Published on August 24, 2004 By Lenbert In Misc
Things have been getting crazy.

In my "So Much To Write About, So Little Time" article, I had mentioned that my time here at Joeuser has been limited due to a combination of domestic and work-related obligations. Well, those "obligations" have grown, and the dreams that I've been having lately aren't helping any.

The "real life" obligations I can't avoid. As I mentioned, there is always laundry and dishes etc. As for work, I have project (drafting) deadlines, and lately we've had a rash of older computers simply have hard drive failures, which I've had to find replacements for. And just today, the company's Server crashed...our IT technicians won't be able to make it in until 7am tomorrow.

In the midst of all of this office/domestic stress, I've had some completely bizarre dreams lately.

Last November (2003) my mom died. I was only able to make a very BRIEF trip back to Rochester NY. Sudenly, lately, I have had many dreams of being a teenager, living at my mom and dad's, and being at all of my old "haunts": Charlotte beach and the Pier, Turning Point Park, dreams of my old buds and their parents, a warm summer night drinking beers and riding for miles and miles on our 10-speeds (since we were too young to drive, but intelligent enough to get alcohol when we could), and dreams of people that I have barely thought about in the past 11 years but have suddenly made it a point to appear in my dreams.

I see what these dreams mean. The analytical "me' who I know I am, sees these dreams as an escape to a far simpler time, when I didn't have to worry about mortgage, or bills, or grocceries, or the price of gas, or computers, or servers crashing.

The dreams have been nice. They have been peaceful. But why now? Has my life suddenly become so stressful that my subconscience "bails" during sleep, and heads towards those simpler memories? Regardless, when I wake up to "reality", the reality aspect seems like such a chore.

I've never had dreams like this before, and I'm wondering if it's a sign that I'm overdue for an extended vacation. Perhaps back to Rochester, NY, to visit all of those old "haunts".


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