Published on September 8, 2004 By Lenbert In Misc
I am completely strapped, drawn and quartered for time right now, but I just had to share......

If you're a television / news junkie like I am, this is the time of the year when all of the local television news stations put their interns in front of the camera for the first time. And maybe behind the camera too!

So, this one local station put TWO new faces to cover a potential tornado touchdown here in central Virginia. Normally I would ask "Why?", but after living in Corporate America I can see where this station would be strapped for reporters, and sending out the interns to cover the story, live on camera. Cutting their teeth, baptism by fire.

I don't mean to laugh AT the reporters. Hell, they're "green". They're trying to earn some respect. But I just can't help remember Mychael Diskerson, who was once an "intern in front of the camera" during hurricane Fran, who is now a well-respected local reporter and anchor, jumping in the puddles during the morning show exclaiming "WOOHOO! WOOHOO!".

Local shoutout to NBC12, Richmond: The Intern Mike D (I missed the name), nice aggression, but you're missing the directors cues in your headset - work on that. To the other young lady intern who is covering the tornado touchdown - relax - it's not about you.

Revolving door. I have seen quite a number of interns on the local television news stations. A few have become a well-known local name, as either a reporter or as an local anchor. The others have simply disappeared - and they have been intern reporters who I have liked!


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