Published on September 14, 2004 By Lenbert In Misc
Well! I seem to be the tortoise and not the hare. Or do I mean the reverse? I was was going to post my thoughts about the Bush Document/New Times Roman/Superscript fiasco, but after a casual flip through some of the other posts here, I see that it has been well over done.

So, tonight, I offer you simple, basic pabulum.

Worst of times:
November, 2003, my mom dies.
March, 2004, I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, after a really, really BAD financial year in 2003.

Best of times:
June, 2004, all of my debt is officially discharged by the bankruptcy courts.
August, 2004 - apparently my mom played the stocks rather well, and I am the recipient of 1/4 of her estate. It is not an overly LARGE amount, but it does allow me to buy a few "toys" and take care of maintenance issues with vehicles and the house.
September, 2004, I buy toys. I am a guitarist. Certainly not a professional guitarist but it has been a hobby of mine for the past 25 or 30 years. For the first time in my life, I was finally able to purchase some mid-range quality guitars, and an amp. Comparative to the crap I've been dragging around with me for the past 25 years, the new stuff is SWEET! It is almost like someone who has owned second-hand cars all of their life and who finally has the opportunity to own a new model, mid-range vehicle, but not something like a BMW.

So, that's why I haven't posted here lately. I have been actively digging up all of the old music that I thought I knew how to play, but apparently playing guitar is not like riding a bike. I often find myself staring at the shiny new guitar, with "Blackbird" (Beatles, White Album) playing in the background, saying to myself "uh......I use to know this!". But all is still good. The AC/DC, Metalica, Motley Crue, CSNY, Jethro Tull and Simon & Garfunkle still comes back to me relatively easily.

But I digress.

Worst of times:
September, 2004, the clutch in my room mates vehicle fails. I offer her a loan from the inheritance to get the vehicle repaired. At the very least, her vehicle is MY backup vehicle, should mine bite the dust. So, it was more of an investment, than a loan.

Monday, late afternoon, September 13, 2004, the starter in my truck dies. I was left high and dry at a gas station. Since my room mates vehicle was already in the shop to get the clutch fixed, I had to walk the 2 miles back home.
Monday night, the tow truck guy calls to say he needs the key in the truck to tow it. Locking steering wheel. Shit.

Tuesday, 7:15am, September 14, 2004, I made the 4-mile round-trip walk to leave the key in the truck, at the gas station, and then return home.

The truck eventually made it to the shop around 10:00am this morning, but apparently they haven't finished the repairs. I have not had a call-back yet, and as it is now 7:30pm, they are closed.

I have a call in to a co-worker to get a ride into work tomorrow, but as of this writing, I have not received a call-back.

So tomorrow, I'm either going into work, or I spending a second day trying to figure out the likes of "Blackbird".

If there were a "mood" emoticon for these posts, mine at this moment would be "stranded", "helpless" or "things are not in my control".


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