Published on September 23, 2004 By Lenbert In Misc
Some years ago, my dad died. It was a very peaceful, graceful passing. A number of my more spiritual friends mentioned that "he would make his presence known" after his passing. Well, other than my personality traits becoming exactly like his, there has been no "sign". No dreams about him, no physical sign....nothing.

As mentioned in previous posts, my mom died last November. I guess "plagued" would be an inappropriate word, but since November I have been "inundated" with frequent dreams about her. The dreams are all similar in that I am talking to her in the house I grew up in, in seemingly "real time", as in I am who I am now, in age and experiences. In the dreams, it is simple chit-chat with mom, like "Mom, my toilet backed up the other day...." or "Mom, work has been such a pain in the ass lately...." They aren't traumatic dreams. They're actually very peaceful, to the extent where when I wake up, I am sad that the dream ended.

I am not freaked out by the dreams. However I am questioning the reason for their frequency. I have had two similar dreams this week alone. And why is it happening with mom, and not dad?


I'm getting ready for work now. See you later, mom.


on Sep 23, 2004

do you have a woman in your life?  a wife?  a girlfriend?

were you closer to one parent than the other when they were alive? 

how old are you?

on Sep 24, 2004
You know I guess I'm psychic! I've been wondering where you took yourself too since you left the other board. (Run Forrest Run)
I'm at peace to see you hangn' in there.
on Sep 26, 2004
To Sallysocks:

Yeah, I'm here. Intermitently, but I'm here.

on Sep 26, 2004
To imajinit:

I'm 42, single. I guess you would say that I am a "psuedo-parent". I have a roomate and she is my best friend. We care deeply for each other, but even though we have both stated that we can see the both of us "growing old" with each other, it is not a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. It is more of a "big brother, little sister" relationship. We have her kids here on the weekends, and they see me as a big brother or an "uncle" as well. I love my room mate and her kids to the point where I would give my life for them (ie: if the house were being robbed, I would kick the son-of-a-bitch's ass to protect those under my roof!)

Anyway...there is more dynamic to it, and I'm not about to write a novel here.

on Oct 17, 2004
I think you feel guilty because you never visited her before she died and you miss all the "talking" the two of you actually did.