The passing of a good man.
Published on January 11, 2005 By Lenbert In Current Events
This is not the man himself for this particular blog, but the person closest to him. I am the roommate/best friend he's spoken of many times on his blog. It falls to me to be the bringer of sad tidings. Len passed away late on the morning of January 3rd, 2005 from heart failure. Those who knew him and who's lives were touched by him will always be enriched. He meant the world to me and to my children. He was the kindest and best of men in every way and will be very sadly missed by all. I intend to leave his blog in use for the time being for anyone who wishes to post their thoughts. I'm not able to access his account on Mythbusters, so if any of you are also on that site, please pass the word. I know that he greatly enjoyed the discussions and debates he's had with you and I'm sure he would have liked to have many others.

My best wishes to you all and thank you for being a part of his life and getting to know the man I loved so dearly.


on Jan 11, 2005
Sorry for your great loss.... may his memory be a blessing for you and all who knew him.
on Jan 11, 2005

Oh sympathies are with you. 

Remember that energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes his energy is not gone, it's just changed. He's still with you....

Namaste, Lenbert my friend.


'Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.'

(Dylan Thomas)

on Jan 23, 2005
I knew Len in Rochester. We graduated High school together, after graduation Len was a very close friend until he moved to Richmond. After that we began to lose touch. On Saturday, his old friend Al, and I attended a funeral service for him given by his siblings. Al and I often wondered, "what is Len doing now?" He had gone off Richmond to change his life and we respected that. Len was always an individual. He had a sharp mind and he loved to find new perspectives, he always wanted to see things from several angles. He was curious, and sensitive to clues most of us would not have picked up on. Sometimes he was way out there, sometimes he was dead on. Always he was true to himself.

Len was a good guitar player. He was self taught, naturally. To him the joy was figuring out a riff or chord progression. The intellectual effort was what he trived on. He loved Pink Floyd but could appreciate Modonna. He loved Star Trek and Dr. Who, and he loved the Far Side. It was Len that introduced us top Calvin and Hobbes. That was the Len we knew in Rochester.

Those that knew him in Rochester hoped that he was happy in Richmond and that he was surrounded by friends. We knew that we were all getting further and further apart as the days, months and years passed. Its sad but that seems to be how it happens. When the news came that he was gone, for me, it brought sadness and regret for all that he could still have had in this world. The news also brought a flood of happy memories of days gone by, as we grew up together doing our typical "stupid shit", as we learned life from each other.
Good-bye Len, Thank you, and always"Shine on, you crazy diamond".
on Jan 27, 2005
Several of Len's old freinds have asked about you. I guess we are all curious about Len's Richmond years. Is there a safe way to contact you? As I said we are curious about how Len was doing, he didn't share much about his new life.
My condolences for your loss.
on Feb 03, 2005
I would really love to speak with you about Len's activities during his life here in Richmond. I was very active in Len's life here for the past 5 years, and am close friends with his ex-wife who was also very much active in his life here, up to the day of his death. My email address is use the subject line to read LEN, as I discard any unknown senders. I eagerly await your email!!!
on Feb 04, 2005
Tim, you can contact me at and I'd be happy to share what I can. Thank you for your condolences.