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October 6, 2004 by Lenbert
This is "late breaking" news, so my references are weak.

There was an item on the news this afternoon, stating that the Virginia General Assembly is currently reviewing a Bill that would place a miniature transmitter in the State's drivers licenses. This transmitter would "broadcast" the information on the drivers license and only persons with the appropriate hardware and software would be able to read the information - presumably local/state police, CIA and/or the FBI.


Has a...
September 26, 2004 by Lenbert
I had the opportunity to see Braveheart in it's entirety today.

I couldn't help but make an analogy to the situation in Iraq. The analogy wasn't so much in regards to the political dynamic between both situations, but more of an insight to the Iraq/Al Qaeda mentality towards "occupation". Even though The Coalition isn't trying to occupy Iraq, as England was trying to occupy Scotland, it was an interesting insight none the less.

I am not making a "pro" or "anti" statement about anything h...
August 16, 2004 by Lenbert
The definition of a U.S. Territory was probably fresh in my memory 25 or 30 years ago in High School or Grammar School, but for me, that definition has become "fuzzy" over the years.

It is the latest Olympic news item with the Puerto Rican basketball team spanking......errrr.....I mean beating the US basketball team in the 2004 Summer Olympics, that is the impetus to research "US Territories" a little more.

"Territories", for the average US Citizen, aren't considered on a regular basis. I...
August 3, 2004 by Lenbert
Just a general question.

Are there any news sources out there that are truly "fair and balanced"?

This post is derived from a comment from a news source that I thought was "fair and blanced". No, I am not referring to Fox. I have always thought that "tag line" was excelent, but I learned awhile ago that Fox is not truly "fair and balanced"

The comment was from a local news source, that is controlled by a national media corporation. After doing a little research on this corporation, I...
August 1, 2004 by Lenbert
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the primary intent of a Democratic or Republican convention for each Party to “officially” nominate their presidential candidate? Does there have to be so much fanfare around the whole event? Can it just be a one-day event, and be done with it?

I remember being an early teen, and sitting with my parents, watching both the Democratic and Republican conventions on TV, on ABC, NBC or CBS. Apparently, they had never been to a High School pep rally or an Amwa...
July 28, 2004 by Lenbert
Regarding your response to my "Fantasy President" post; excellent rebuttal! I am glad that SOMEONE is reading my stuff and actually analyzing it. And after analyzing the points of your rebuttal, I see that I have a lot more work to accomplish as a writer, as the points that I attempted to make in each of these posts, failed to hit their mark.

I wish to formally address each of your comments.

"Politicians should drop more F-bombs"
This is a point that in my original article, I admit I di...
July 23, 2004 by Lenbert
You have your choice. You can purchase the 911 Report at a bookstore, or you can download the entire document, in PDF format "for free" from the congressional website.

It is a double edged sword if you live in the U.S..

The cost for the bandwidth for this "free" download has to be charged to somebody. It is charged to the U.S. taxpayers.

So, if you are a United States citizen, you can purchase this document at a bookstore ($10.99 US, I believe), or we can pay for it "for free" by down...
July 22, 2004 by Lenbert
I still say that someone, somewhere is playing technological "chicken" with the terrorists.

For the second time in the past month. a completely "bogus" statement was released to the media from "Al Tawhid and Jihad", Abu Mus'ab Al Zarqawy's group. The threat was allegedly against Japan, and their intrusion in Iraq. It forced Zarqawy's group to once again step forward, come out of hiding, under deep cover, and refute the bogus statement.

In my previous article, "The Benefit Of Hackers", I ...
July 20, 2004 by Lenbert
I am thinking that Linda Ronstadt, at 58, should not be making political statements. The media is reporting her "dedication" to Michael Moore as anti-Bush. I see it otherwise. Lets dissect this a little.

On Sunday, July 18, at her "one time only" performance at The Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, she decided to spice up some of her music "dedications" with a little harmless political bashing. The one-time girlfriend of former California Governor Jerry Brown (D) sprinkled her performance with ...
July 18, 2004 by Lenbert
We are all familiar with the weekly Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) tests on radio and television. The interruption of regular broadcasting in lieu of a highly annoying noise, issued by the EBS, in order to test their system.

I have several questions.

One: Was this ever used on 9-11-2001?
As I recall, on 9-11-2001, later in the evening, quite a few cable stations, if not the majority, were maintaining their "regular broadcasting schedule". ...
July 2, 2004 by Lenbert
In 1996, Atlanta, Georgia hosted the Summer Olympic Games. Prior to the start of the events, I recall hearing and reading about the strict security precautions that were to be implemented. Yet somehow, something still went wrong. At approximately 1:00 AM, on Saturday, July 27, 1996, a pipe bomb exploded in Olympic Centennial Park. The pipe bomb, concealed in either a duffel bag or backpack, wounded approximately 100 people. There were no fatalities.

( http://www.emergency.com/olymbom2.ht...
June 29, 2004 by Lenbert
I haven't checked my blog in a couple days, and now I see that I have 21 comments on the Cheney post! Holy cow. It is good that I encouraged a discussion. That was my intent, but I never expected such a large response from THAT post.


The response was great, both positive and negative. That is the whole point of a "discussion". If you've read the rest of my stuff, you will realize that most of it is just stuff I'm trying to get o...
June 25, 2004 by Lenbert
I use to think Dick Cheney was a wimp. Until today.

During a heated discussion with Senator Patrick Leahy (D), Cheney dropped the F-bomb against the opposing Senator. The reports are varied, but Cheney's remarks had something to do with Leahy "having intercourse with himself".

Now THAT is the type of assertivness I want to see from our administration! It has always made me squeamish with the "....well, maybe we did, maybe we didn't have the information...". Good god, man, where are you...