The physics of driving to work
Published on June 10, 2004 By Lenbert In Blogging
So, there I was driving to work this morning. It's a 4-lane road and the two lanes in my direction were moving at a pretty good clip. The pack of cars I was trailing was pushing 55 in 45 MPH zone. Both lanes of traffic in my direction were more or less, travelling at about the same speed.

Suddenly, and seemingly out of no where, a Ford F150 comes screaming up to my bumper with inches to spare. All I could see was "grill" in my rearview mirror.

Apparently, my lane was not moving fast enough, so the Ford decides to change lanes. Did I happen to mention that both lanes of traffic were travelling at about the same speed?

After about a quarter mile, my lane is inching forward. The undecisive Ford, undecidedly merges into my lane, again with inches to spare. Like my lane will get this person to their final destination oh-so-much quicker.

This happy little dance of merging left, merging right, merging left (etc.) goes on for another 2 miles before I finally need to get into a left turn lane, and let the Ford find another dancing partner.

Can someone please explain the logic in this? Did I fall asleep in Driver's Ed, and this is some rare, sanctioned tactic that trascends space and time, and gets you to your destination in the blink of an eye?

It is the tailgaters that makes me want to install windshield wiper pumps on my back bumper. It would be like a cat marking it's territory. "SPRAY SPRAY! YOU'RE TOO CLOSE!" Of course, I would only have water in the "rear-bumper-cat-spraying" thingy. No no...really! I would never ever consider putting something in the resevoir like say.......napalm.


on Jun 10, 2004
I hate that as well but I find it's mostly women who do it the opposite of.
on Jun 13, 2004
It is an A Type personality characteristic. You wouldn't understand.