Published on June 23, 2004 By Lenbert In Blogging
For the second time in as many days, there has been a report on the news regarding the potential ill (long term) effects of the Atkins Diet.

Well, it's about dang time! I was wondering when there would be an intelligent, scientific opposition to this diet fantasy.

Granted, I am not overweight. I am the unfortunate recipient of some "high metabolism" gene. I actually have to eat A LOT and work out to keep the weight on. I am not working out regularly now, but when I was working out on a regular basis, I did quite a bit of research on diet and nutrition, with some comment from my sister; a dietician at a nursing home. I have read everything from the not-so-nice effects of dairy, to Atkins, to Susan Powter, to vegetarianism.

Do I have to slap all of the "lo-carb" people up-side the head? Look....long after we crawled out of the primordial ooze, and grew arms and legs, and learned to walk upright, we were VEGETARIANS. It wasn't until the discovery of fire that we shouted out a global "Mmmm....meat GOOD!" I'm sure that during our relatively short evolution here on earth, our bodies didn't suddenly learn to metabolise MEAT efficiently.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a thick slab of NY Strip as much as the next person! (Medium-well, please)

I just find it difficult to put my entire dietary beliefs in a program that was from the start, set up to make money for the author. (And if you order right now, you will save 50% off on any surgical proceedure that requires a STENT!)

Is the food pyramid now null and void? One would think it is with all of the completely nauseating commercials for low-carb crap. I just saw one recently for a low-carb vitamin! Ummm.....I'm sorry, but since when did vitamin's become a high source of carbohydrates?

This society has become too fliipin' lazy! The food pyramid (in moderation), along with exercise is tried and true, and IT WORKS! "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Atkins is just a quick fix for those living in a "need it now" society.

Believe it or not, sometimes you actually have to WORK for something that you truely desire. So, lay off the Atkins, eat what you want IN MODERATION, and move your ass (and everything else that's attached to it!).

Oh, and don't get me started on pregnant women who are on the Atkins diet.


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