Response Needed, Please
Published on June 29, 2004 By Lenbert In Blogging
Ever have one of those days in the blogging community, where you woke up with a dynamite idea for a post? You proceeded to develope it in your head through out the day, during work hours, and came home saying "Yeah...I have a blog masterpiece!"?

And then you read the responses to your other blog submissions.

You spend a fair amount of time responding to your previous posts, and next thing you know, the "masterpiece" that you had in your head when you got home from work, is now completely GONE! Another mental casuality.

So now, I have exhausted my mental capacity responding to my "Cheney F-Bomb" post (in the Politics channel), and I can't for the life of me, remember what it was I wanted to say here earlier this morning.

I remember it had something to do with "Giving stupid people the benefit of the doubt (since they are obviously STUPID to begin with).

Anyone care to comment about "giving stupid people the benefit of the doubt because.....?" (Add your comment here)

Maybe you can help me remember what it was I was thinking of this morning.


Note to self: take notes in the morning!

on Jun 30, 2004
"giving stupid people the benefit of the doubt"

One can argue that the whole concept of blogging uses that as its anthem.

I really think that stupid people DO get benefit of the doubt far beyond what is necessary. The whole lowest common denominator thing diminishes everyone.

BTW: isn't that how we got stuck with BushII?